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About me

My name is Yasmine and I am passionate about interior design. I created this blog in order to share my renovation projects, layout and homestaging tips and tutorials, but also the latest decoration trends.

A few words about myself

After a career in Communications and luxury Real Estate in Paris, I recently moved to London to work in Digital Marketing. My hobbies and interests include photography, visual art, travels, wellbeing and of course decoration and interior design.

I always try to challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone and keep a positive mind no matter what.

Why this blog?

Blog Inside my home - interior design- diy - renovation - About me

During my career in luxury real estate, I found a passion for interior design and decoration, which materialized first in my job, because my clients often needed some home staging advice in order to sell their property at the best price. They were also looking for renovation or layout tips when they considered buying a property, mainly to optimize the space and give added value to the flat.

But it’s mainly during the purchase of several properties in Paris and in the suburbs (tiny studio flats, a small one bedroom flat, an old stone house) that I was able to unleash this passion. These properties all had to be entirely renovated and my tight budget forced me to find solutions to carry out these renovations projects at the best price without cutting corners on quality. These renovations were successfully conducted and significantly increased the value of these properties, which enabled me to obtain significant capital gains when I eventually sold them.

The tiny studio flats refurbishements included an additional challenge because despite their small surface area (8 or 9 m²), I wanted them to still be comfortable and cozy places to live, which required a lot of creative thinking regarding  the space optimization, essential for these tiny flats.

So I decided to create the Inside my Home blog to share my renovation projects as well as the space optimization and layout tips implemented on these sites. This blog also highlights a selection of decoration trends, tutorials and home staging tips to give your interior a makeover at a lower cost.

To find out more and discuss potential projects, please contact me at: contact@insidemyhome.fr